Monday, January 22, 2018

Nobody Compares To You (Codeko Remix)

The dude is already back in school, studying hard for his master's degree...but that hasn't kept him from dropping this epic remix for "Nobody Compares To You" by Gryffin. U.K. based Ed Clark aka Codeko has taken on the task to transform this beautiful track and adding his own unique flavour to it. He has done that by including extra melodic elements such as strings and by giving it some more energy on the drop. Together with Tyzo Bloom, Kap Slap, Ryan Browne, Bunt and Olmos, you can find Codeko's remix in the official remix pack out now on all major platforms. Hit the link below and enjoy! 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Joachim Gorrebeeck aka Taska Black is a name that you should start paying more attention to. His most recent releases have been spectacular and now the Belgian producer starts 2018 by dropping a new single that keeps the hype alive. "Sandpaper" is a smooth rocking electronica piece, blending multiple genres into one distinct sound that can only be associated with Taska Black. The brilliant instrumental is accompanied by an on point vocal performance by Ayelle that accentuates the exciting soft vibe, loading the track with sweet emotional elements, while ad libs give this tune a subtle edge.

All in all...what a freakin' awesome track! Give it a spin right here or listen to "Sandpaper" via your favourite online music joint. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Not Believing

It's officially new music Friday, but instead of just sharing a new track with you, let me double that and present a new artist to you at the same time. This piece comes from Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Ame Ardai, who today drops her first ever single called "Not Believing". The track beautifully blends organic and electronic sounds, delivering winter friendly easy listening vibes. With more singles lined up, culminating into an upcoming EP, this first release sets the bar high for the young Swede, but makes me excited for the things to come. "Not Believing" is out now as an independent release and you can stream it right here below or via Spotify. Enjoy! 

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Premiere: Classy Williams - Introducing...

This is not going to be your usual electronic dance music blog post, instead let's have a listen to something a bit different: 

Classy Williams returns with a 'classy' (pun intended) guitar-driven pop-jam called "Introducing...". The track tells the story of a lost love, whom he regrettably let go. Aside from the lyrics story-telling, the instrumental delivers smooth easy listening vibes, with a distinct chill-out house flavour, reminiscent of some very early Kaskade work. The melody is somewhat bitter sweet sounding, which perfectly matches the theme of the song. All in all a well-rounded track, perfect to listen to on your nice headphones or stereo 

 "Introducing..." is part of Classy Williams' upcoming EP, so stay tuned for his full release soon. 

Download HERE

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I Fall Apart (Young Bombs Remix)

Canadian duo Young Bombs start their 2018 with a new remix for Post Malone's "I Fall Apart". With this one they deliver a more rock/pop inspired version, which works well considering the pace of the original mix. As the drop kicks in, you get to enjoy a perfectly matching indie/electro instrumental piece that ads some on point energy and 'dance' friendly easy listening vibes. It's surely another catchy production by Tristan and Martin, who are yet to drop their first own originals. Maybe 2018 will be the year where that changes's hoping :)

For now, enjoy this splendid remix and make sure to pick up a free download via the link below:

Download HERE

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Strangers (Luxxury Remix)

Let's start the week with some funky disco music. L.A. based producer Blake Robin aka Luxxury has remixed the track called "Strangers" by The Ramona Flowers and given it a proper retro dance vibe. What I particular like about this track is that it's very easy going, but as the tune develops it gets groovier and groovier. The bass line delivers that important rhythm that makes your bones start to rattle. So press play and rattle along to this catchy remix by Luxxury which is out now via Distiller Music. 

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Love Comes Quickly

Sometimes you shouldn't cover a classic hit, but today's track counts as a valid exception. In fact...this isn't just a's the remix of the cover. So even though we're out into third tier territory, there's no reason to fear a disaster. First of all, let's appreciate the vocal from the original "cover" track. Lulla adds a a beautiful and atmospheric layer that suits the track really well. This is where our remixer takes it to the next level though, adding a sublime instrumental to crank that existing vibe up to 11. The daytime disco flavour on this one is absolutely on point and feels like a worthy homage to the original Pet Shop Boys track. Just listen to that bass line!!! Wait, you're not listening yet? Hit that play button already!!! Stop reading this!!!!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

White Lies

The Him strongly return for 2018 with a brand new single called "White Lies", delivering...surprisingly somewhat of an 80's sounding banger. Both instrumental and vocal performance aren driven by a distinct retro feel and all this is accentuated further with a piece of brass towards the end of the track. I'm mindblown by the way The Him manages to release new music at a consistent rate, while simultaneously having the capacity to experiment and finding ways to define their own sound further with every new release. Hats off to you Jeroen Kerstens & Steven Berghuijs. Keep it up!

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cola (Sang Froyd Remix)

Camelphat & Elderbrook's hit "Cola" has gotten a serious remix by California based producer Sang Froyd and it's beyond awesome. This rework doesn't give you a direct genre shift, but that's also not what this song deserves...or needs. Instead, Sang Froyd has taken the deep house vibe and bounced it up to 11. The bass on this track is what makes it tick, generating a contagious bounce that perfectly contrasts the vocal inputs. Another positive thing...this edit is +7 minutes long, which is even longer than the original version...What more do you want? Just press play and enjoy!

Download HERE

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Money Made Me Do It (Sean Turk Remix)

There's a good chance you know "Money Made Me Do It" by Post Malone feat. 2 Chainz, but i'm pretty sure you haven't heard it just like this. The Emperor of Bedroom Bass aka Sean Turk has turned it into perfection with his characteristic sound and it's absolute fire. Now listening to the original track makes it sound like a half-assed production. With a much richer and groovier melody, "Money Made Me Do It" sounds complete and  gives it a second life, which is really what this track deserves. So do yourself a favour and make sure to pick up a free copy of this crisp remix, via the link below. 

Download HERE

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Save Us

I'm a huge fan of German producer Koni and if you have been reading the blog for a while now, this should be blatantly obvious. He releases his music with an incredible level of consistency, focusing of smooth, catchy melodies and proper feel good vibes. This can also be said about his latest release called "Save Us" feat. James Delayne & Gabriella, which is a beautiful pop/tropical house duet. For Koni, "Save Us" tells a personal story about a broken relationship, but despite the sad storyline, there's something incredibly calming about the entire track. As the icing on the cake, there's even an acoustic version available on Spotify, which you can check out too (and I highly recommend that you do). 

So whether you slow dance or just enjoy this tune as is...I hope you're just as excited for Koni's 2018 as I am. 

"Save Us" is out now as a free download and via all major music streaming platforms. Hit the link below for all options. Enjoy!

Download/Stream by clicking HERE
Listen to the acoustic version HERE